Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jorge and I were privileged to be asked to drive for the funeral of Ruvie Mar Mantos, two-years- old, today. We picked them up from a subdivision near their house, because it was closest we could get with our vehicles.

I asked if Robert and Malou would ride with us, but the family explained that walking behind the hearse was the last sacrifice Ruvie's parents would be able to make for her. There were a lot of those choke-up moments in the day.

Along the way, more and more hearses joined the procession until there were 7 of us all going to the same church in Taytay.

The sanctuary was full. The row in front of us all carried colorful balloons that read GO WITH GOD -- WE LOVE YOU MARICEL.

Finally, the grief of losing a loved one is very personal. Others grieving near you is about the most comfort you can get. But for the few minutes of praying the Lord's Prayer together, we were drawing really on one another. Thank God for little liturgies that bring people together.

I got to know the extended family a little bit. This is Baby, saying a last goodbye to a niece she never got to know very well. GO WITH GOD, RUVIE. YOU ARE WELL LOVED.

God will not abandon you to the grave,
nor let his Holy One see decay (Psalm 16:10).