Saturday, September 06, 2008

Janrey is going to stay right here in the Philippines.

Lawrence and Heidi live, actually, very near to us here. They're a beautiful family, and it's encour-aging to see the way local adoption is beginning to pick up steam.

Adoption has not long enjoyed a high level of regard in the Philippines, but this family is a promising exception to the rule. Janrey is their first child--and it was thrilling to watch them both jump, with both feet, into parenting duties like bathing and feeding.

A smile aside: Heidi and I are alumni from the same school here (where I now teach): Ateneo de Manila University.
We all gathered to say a last goodbye to Alie (aka Marianna) today.

Roddy, Samatha, and "little" Roddy's visit to the little children's home coincided with our monthly staff meeting, so we all got to recall some special memory or blessing for Alie as she left.

Roddy is a Filipino, but has lived his whole life in the US.

They adopted "little" Roddy from here in the Philippines about three years ago now, so Alie will have an even further connection with her country of origin.