Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We've just put the Reeves family on the plane down to Cebu. They are going down to see the home where Ana came from. This after spending a few days with us here in Taytay getting to know Mary Jem, adopted from the little children's home.

This morning, on the way out shopping and to the airport, Ana gave me this lovely picture she drew for us. From left to right and from bottom to top (the order she explained it to me in) are: Ana, Auden, Aubrey, Mary with Kadeesha, Grandma and mom. Then Darren, Terry, and Deborah.

Kadeesha, the oldest sister, is so eager a care-giver that Vicki and Terry barely have an oportunity to act like the new parents they are.

Somehow we missed getting a picture of her, but Gwen, the girls' grand-mother was able to come along as well. A very loving batch for Mary to fall in with.

The note on the back of Ana's drawing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This entry is a little late, but last week Nicole joined her forever family. Her father, John, is a Filipino from Cebu who moved to the US when he was a teenager. He is married to Louise.

Nicole's new brother is named Jack. Our time with them was brief, but they are a lovely family and I know that Nicole will brighten their already happy home.

Here's Aubrey and Jack having at one another in grandma (mormor) and grandpa's back yard.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I've started leading worship at a new service at Union Church for young adults. Station 1 meets on Tuesday nights. I lead last week and will be there again tomorrow. It's been a very good thing for me to be involved with, I think. I love--and Deborah and the boys love--having a motivation to pick up the guitar, to write and sing music. I've gotten some very positive feedback already, but even if it wasn't a benefit for anyone else, it's been great for me.

I plan to post some of the liturgies I write for it on this blog, so if you're interested go to