Friday, October 24, 2008

When you get over the anxiety of preparing food for a chef, it's a very pleasant thing to host Michael and Jocelyn.

We had the better part of a week with them while they were picking up Nica, the second child they have adopted from the Philippines.

David was from another children's home here, where he was with a foster family. He's now five, nearly six, and a very keen big brother.

Our boys played and played with them. And we talked and talked.

Among other special things we were able to do together we had a lovely farewell for Nica, the darling of the little children's home, for all her caregivers to say goodbye.

Our staff did an excellent job of preparing Nica to meet her family. When she woke up on the penultimate morning they were here her mom asked her how long before they went to Australia. Nica got a big smile on her face and help up a finger, "One more sleep."

You know that feeling of meeting distant relatives and discovering that you have a deep connection you didn't know you had? That's been our experience time and again when new family is added to tlc family.