Friday, June 19, 2009

I took the tlc kids to school today because our mission driver is taking some women who just gave birth to get tubal ligations. At Shiphrah Paanakan (Exodus 1 Birthing Home) we provide family planning counseling and help to facilitate the choices families make. There isn't a lot of emotional support for people who choose family planning in a Catholic country, so we encourage them to take responsibility for themselves and support them through the decisions they make.

So, between trying to make payroll, I took Dennis and Jay and Senon to their preschool. They're only just four, but very enthusiastic for school.

I held Dennis's hand, walking up the lane. He's such an energetic little boy but he walked very slowly, stumbling over every stone along the way. I was struck by how much learning it takes just to walk up the lane for such a little one.

It's a crowded, narrow passage, with lots of foyers onto people's homes along the way. He looked into every doorway and took in every color and texture. It was a long walk for a short way.

A motorcyle passed us, and he listened to its riders talk about needing a 'valid id' for something or other.

It wasn't until we approached the entry way to the school that his pace quickened. You could feel the excitement surging through his grip when he caught sight of his teacher, Vida. It's great the way such a young person gets a sense of hope and expectation for what there is to be learned.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We celebrated Senon's fourth birthday today with swimming.

The Owen family came out to help us celebrate, bringing the cupcakes. Bernadette got everything out of this one.

The twins will celebrate their birthday in just a little more than a month. Then, with Auden, we'll have four four-year-old's.

Senon, Dennis and Jay started school this year. They are very happy, loving boys.

Senon is a miracle baby. Born premature, he spent his first two months at tlc snuggled kangaroo style, skin to skin with a committed careworker.

This is Joy. Besides being the very competent and energetic social worker who has been preparing all the children's papers for adoption, she is also beloved ate (older sister). Please join us in prayer for the right forever family for Senon.