Friday, October 08, 2010

 Shiphrah Midwives love being with pregnant women.

We see pregnancy as a special, beautiful time in a woman's life and Tere Coman definitely was beautiful.

It was a joy for Deborah, Grace, and Jeri to be blessed with attending the homebirth of Tere and Mike Coman.

What a special moment when Ziva gave her first cry she was safe at home. Born into the presence of a beautiful supportive community of parents, grandmas, uncles, and friends.

Plenty of time and space to snuggle mom and dad
 We are all smiles. Hip ! Hip ! Hooray! Ziva is here!
The Birthing Team
Grandma/Midwife gives her grandaughter her newborn exam. Thank you Grandma.


Blogger Marli said...

aw, what a lovely post! I'm so pleased that Tere and Mike had a beautiful home birth! How wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

9:55 PM  

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