Friday, November 06, 2009

There’s a new tlc family today. Rudolf and Angelique are here from the Netherlands to adopt their son. They arrived early this morning and were there when he woke up. Ruud and Angelique are lovely people, and he warmed up to them right away.

It’s been a day of gifts—an adoptive family feels like they’ve just received the most amazing gift ever; and an adopted child receives what they don’t even know they’ve always wanted. But at lunch, Angelique and Ruud explained one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever heard of.

With measured strength Angelique said, “He’s going to grow up knowing that he has a sister.”

They cannot have children because of an infection that occurred 6 years ago when they lost a pregnancy. Loss upon loss—but you hear redemption in every word when they’re telling the story.

“The day we found out about the complications in the pregnancy was a hard day—it was August 1.”

Deborah beams—I don’t get it. Someone has to explain it to me that August 1 is their new son’s birthday.

When their child was born, they knew she could not survive. She lived for 15 minutes.

Ruud said, “That was such a gift.”

“We named her Fay--like faith,” he explained, “because faith is something you receive—but can never achieve.”

I’m being a little bit cheeky with the language here, but the double meaning is built into the name; when his mom says that he will grow up knowing he has an older sister, she also means that he will inherit the gift of FAITH.

What a gift! May your faith redeem every circumstance.


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