Saturday, June 28, 2008

A couple months ago Deborah met a lady from Belgium named Tina. She asked, "Do you know any students who need help with scholarships?"

Deborah said, "Oh, boy. Do I."

All of our staff have children and struggle to make tuition payments. We have been looking for ways to help them outside of their salaries, and education is a huge priority for them. So this was a tremendous blessing.

Tina, her husband Jeori, and their daughter Lila came out today to meet with the lucky four (3 college and 1 high school) students. They have the loveliest attitudes -- want to be involved with their studies and really help them to succeed. A huge encouragement to all of us.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We just got these lovely pictures from my sister Faith's con- vocation.

Faith was able to attend my graduation from college here in the Philippines. Faith, can you even remember how unbearably hot we were for those interminable hours? You need a mnemonic technique.

I wish we could have been there, but, Faith, we're very, very proud of you. Congrat- ulations.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today we celebrated Senon's 3rd birthday. His actual birthday was on Wednesday (June 11), and we had cake and presents at the little children's home.

But when we went to the butterfly farm it was closed, so we went to the playground at Faith Academy. It's a favorite outing for the toddlers; every time I step into the home they say, "Faith Darren?" I hate disappointing them, so I was glad to hear the cheers when we said we'd go to Faith instead. (For our trip to the butterfly farm check out

The older boys (John Paul, Auden, Pong-Pong, Aubrey, and Brian) took turns burying one another in pebbles.

We all played hard.